Meet your Sheboygan County Board Supervisors

We elect Supervisors to look out for us and represent our best interests. There is a tremendous amount of trust we place into these individuals. The most recent election was just this past April 2020.  Each Supervisor is elected to a 2-year term. If you are unhappy about a Supervisor you must wait until 1 year into their term and only then are you able to recall the Supervisor.

If you hover (on desktop) or hold down (on mobile) each Supervisors profile photo you will learn how each person is voting on Ordinance 3 as we know of right now. Supervisors who are protecting your freedoms will be voting NO. Supervisors who are voting YES are voting to take away your freedoms.

Click on any of the photos to learn more about each Supervisor.

Brian Smith

District 1

Paul Gruber

District 2

Vicky Schneider

District 3

Rebecca Clarke

District 5

Henry Nelson

District 6

Vernon C. Koch

District 8

Curt Brauer

District 10

Gerald Jorgensen

District 11

Charlette Nennig

District 13

Keith Abler

District 14

George Kulow

District 15

Fran Damp

District 16

Thomas Wegner

District 17

Jacob Immel

District 18

Michael Ogea

District 19

Brian Hilbelink

District 21

Al Bosman

District 22

Jackie Veldman

District 23

What District are you in?

Please view below to see the maps of the Districts and then visit the above Board Supervisors page to contact them.