We are Sheboygan was created to be a trusted source for information and news related to Sheboygan County and its residents. For years we have seen a steady decline in our community. It was only 15 years ago that Sheboygan was rated one of the top #10 places to raise a family. Let’s get Sheboygan County back to the top-rated place it once was by holding our officials and county employees responsible for their actions.

Our Focus


It is time we hold our officials accountable for the decisions they make.


We will make the county’s actions transparent so you know what is going on.


Getting involved in the community is important when it comes to your family’s future. We will keep you informed of relevant information so you know when and how to take action.


It is time for us to be responsible and elect officials who consistently act in our best interests.

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Sheboygan County COVID Numbers – Misleading

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