We need your Vote – Sheboygan County Executive?

Most people do not even know what a County Administrator is and what they do. County Administrators are the CEO of the county. Who is responsible when a company is succeeding or failing? The CEO. In many counties they have elected CEO’s which they call “County Executives” and they are elected by the people and answer to the people. 

We believe it’s time that Sheboygan County elects their CEO. Recently, Washington County converted their County Administrator (a board hired position) to an elected position.

The following are just a few of the many reasons to consider doing the same thing for Sheboygan County:

  • The current salary and benefits package for the current County Administrator position is over $200,000, including salary and benefits. A County Executive’s typical salary is approximately $129,114. 
  • Making this an elected position with veto power makes the County Executive accountable to the people, and not to the board or the 5-member executive committee of the board. 
  • Every 4 years, the people can provide a check and balance on the county executive.
  • The fear of the people making a poor choice can be rectified every 4 years. Under the current system, if you get a poor administrator, it is nearly impossible to remove them.

This petition is non-binding and will be given to the County Board to express the desire of residents to have this position be changed to an elected position.

You may also download and print the petition. Once you do, please follow the instructions on the petition to return with signatures.


This information provided by Committee to Bring Accountability to Sheboygan County

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